The Research Association Molded Interconnect Devices

The Research Association Molded Interconnect Devices is working in research fields in close cooperation with the industry. The projects are financed either by own funds or in the context of AiF-IGF-Projects with public funds of the BMWi (federal ministry of economy and energy).


The AiF – working group of industrial research associations  „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. – established 1954 – is an industry-based innovation's network, which supports research and developement in the mid-sized sector. It combines the interests of business, science and politics. The function, as umbrella association of about 100 industry-specific research associations, is to sustainably strenghten the competitiveness of Germany's economy. The AiF, as charitable organisation, is the sponsor of the industrial collective research. The industrial collective research (IGF) builds the connection between fundamental research and economic application. Under the umbrella of the AiF-research association new technologies are being processed for whole sectors and increasingly cross-sectorial, to preserve and strengthen the competitiveness of medium-sized enterprises. The federal ministry of economy and energy (BMWi) funds the IGF with public resources. 

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Further information about the applied projects you will find here.


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Protocols and actual results as well as final reports of the different research groups are available exclusivly for our Members in the intranet. 


If you have any questions, e.g. about the participation in one of the projects, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Philipp Bräuer.